Cleetus McFarland opens The Freedom Factory!!! Amazing Street Car Takeover meet.

Epic Street Car Takeover meet at Cleetus McFarland's Freedom Factory. This is the first time that Cleetus has opened up the Freedom Factory to the public. Amazing cars lined up all around the track and burnout pad. They had the Dyno trailer out. Got to see some of Cleetus's famous car like Ruby and Leroy. We got to also see Cooper Bogetti and the Boostedboiz. It was a very awesome opportunity to get out on the Freedom Factory's track and just see how much of an incline the turns and straight aways have. Cleetus McFarland has done a great job on the facility. We are excited to go to more events there. We will be back for the Freedom 500.

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  • Good looking family dude. You got another subscription from me. Nice Video work, Hell Ya Brother 🙂👍

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